L'Option n°21, published in May 2005.

More than 400 stakeholders from all over Europe, active in the economic and social fields, participated in a European industrial dialogue, at a symposium organised by Confrontations Europe and the Alpha Group, sponsored by the European Commission, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Robert Schuman Foundation, on 17 and 18 February 2005 at the European Parliament in Brussels.
The debates reported here showed a strong need for a European industrial policy in the international division of labour. This led to a consensus over the risks of de-industrialisation and an ambition for industrial innovation. Whilst there is divergence over responsibility-sharing, it seems essential that public policies complement company stratégies. Eastern European actors also strongly expressed the need for co-operations, training courses and investment to develop the opportunities of new Member States, ti the benefit of the whole Europe.
These proceedings reflect the emergence of dialogue and participation, which are the two requisites to anticipate change and to take up the European industrial challenge.

Towards a European industrial dialogue :

a contribution to the Lisbon Strategy



-General issues

-Preface by Pierre Ferracci

-Opening speech by Odile Quintin

-Round table n°1:The new industrial challenge

-Round table n°2: Sector-SPecific Issues and Corporate Strategy

-Round table n°3: Enlargment, an Opportunity for European Industry

-Round table n°4: Restructuring in the EU's Social and Territorial Cohesion Policy

-Round table n°5: Building the Research-Innovation-Industry Relationship

-Round table n°6: Consistency and Effectiveness of the EU and State Policies

-Closing speech by Commissioner Spidla

-Industrial policy, an interesting perspective by the Permanent Representation of France to the EU

-Dialogue over publication and the market, Philippe Herzog and Mario Monti

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